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Remote CCTV Products

Remote CCTV Product
Remote CCTV Product
Remote CCTV Product
Remote CCTV Product

Iris camera

An “out of the box” solution just add power.
The Camera has an inbuilt SIM card and works purely over the mobile phone network.
Excellent for places where there is no internet connection  e.g. boats

Video Server

A video server allows you to watch the output from a single or multiple cameras from anywhere in the world, either on a laptop/PC or a mobile phone. This is normally a wired solution with a camera wired in one side and the other wired into your Broadband Router.

Wireless Camera with Integrated Video Server

This is an excellent solution if you don’t have or want a wired network. as apart from its power supply it is completely wireless.
It has an inbuilt Video server, so normally the only setup is to get your Broadband router to point to the camera.

DVR with Integrated Video Server

A DVR is a Digital Video Recorder, it is basically the same as the old Video Recorders, except that instead of recording on tapes it records on to a hard disk.
With this system you have full control over the system. You can playback, search and even backup recorded footage, all remotely.

BBC News

Homeowner calls and watches the Police arrest intruders in his home from Spain.


Keep an eye on your Property anytime anywhere!


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