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We offer a Bespoke Web Design and Hosting service for all our customers.
Everyone’s needs are different so we custom design each Web site and package to your exact requirements.

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Web Hosting and Design

Why have a web site?

In today’s world their is no reason for a company not to have a web site. In fact potential customers will often wonder why a professional business has not got a web site or E-mail address.

There are different types and levels of Web Site.

  • Holder page
    • This is the most basic site you can have, Often “Under construction” is emblazoned across the page or it takes you to another companies home page. Normally used when you have got your domain name and are thinking about what you are going to do. Note: This type of page should not be used for a prolonged period or as a permanent solution.
  • Basic site 1 Page
    • Your company logos, brief company description, address and telephone number is displayed all on one page.
    • This can be used as a permanent solution if you only plan on using the E-mail i.e. or in the interim until your full site is released.
  • Normal site 3 Pages
    • This is normally recommended to all customers as a good starting point, as is does not cost that much more than the others and you get a web presence. The three pages include; Home Page (about your company), Services (what you do or sell), Contact us (address, phone number, E-mail enquiry form).
  • E-commerce site.
    • This is a site that allows customers to order and pay for your goods or services online. There are many different grades of e-commerce sites from perhaps one product (a guide or manual) you can download online, all the way though to an Amazon type site.

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