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                 Reasons to have Remote CCTV

Remote CCTV Technology now gives you the flexibility to watch live CCTV from anywhere in the world.


  • Have you ever wondered what goes on at home while you are not there?
  • Is the house secure?
  • Are the children having a party?
  • Is the neighbour coming in to feed the cat?

Holiday Homes

  • Holiday homes sit empty for a good proportion of the year - with remote CCTV you can now see what’s happening from home.
  • See what’s happening at home while on Holiday

Alarms - Do you have to rush home or to the office every time the alarm sounds?

  • Now when you get an alarm call at 3 o’clock in the morning you can log into the Remote CCTV system and check whether it is a false alarm.
  • Call the Police and watch the Arrest with Remote CCTV.

Staff - What do your staff get upto when you leave?

  • Staff bunking off?
  • Not Working?
  • Items going missing?

Baby-sitter - suspicions about a baby-sitter?

  • Items going missing?
  • Having people over while your not there?
  • Worried about how their treating your child?

Elderly \ Sick people - keep a 24/7 watch even when your not there.

  • Suspicious over how your relatives are being treated?
  • Check that they have not “fallen over”
  • Items \ Money going Missing?

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